What is 100mentors?
100 Mentors is a digital mentoring platform empowering universities and organizations to inspire learners with knowledge from the real world. 100mentors want to empower students to ask better questions, so that they can make conscious decisions for their future.

Students ask questions anytime; experts answer with a less than 2 minutes video.
Where are the mentors from?
100mentors hosts mentors from the Big-4, S&P 500 companies, Ivy League universities and top foundations from around the world. Some of the organizations mentoring the learners are:

University of Cambridge | NASA | World Bank | Massachusetts Institute of Technology | Stanford University
What topics can CMU students ask questions on 100mentors?
How does It work?
Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
I am a CMU student, how can I sign up?
Step 1
Download 100 mentors mobile app    
Step 2
Register with your personal email used for admissions at CMU.
Write you full name and TEFL International member ID to learn@cmu.edu.eu to request your student verification code.
Step 3
Write your full name > Select "Student" >  write the verification code provided > click "Get Started" > Verify your email
Step 4
Click "Discover" to browse for answered questions or Click "Topics" to ask questions on topics set by CMU educators. 
Now, start asking questions for knowledge development !! Enjoy learning
Note: 100mentors mobile application is available both on IOS and Android