Our learning ecosystem is built to equip learners with the tools for growth

CMU students can access these tools throughout their learning journey to help them achieve the aspired outcome and goals in a course they undertake. This gives them exposure and knowledge about workplace-related tools that can be applied in their current or future jobs.  
Modern Learning 

You will have access to Perlego, providing access to digital textbooks. You can read the book on iOS or android phone app

Perlego have been billed as “the Spotify for Textbooks” by the Evening Standard. Perlego has 900,000 professional and academic titles across 900+ different topics and subtopics.

Career Certificates

Microsoft Office Specialist: Excel Associate. The MOS competency certification helps create, manage, and distribute professional spreadsheets for various specialized purposes and situations. CMU’s accounting module is integrated with Excel Associate 2019 certification

Soft Skills Development

You will have access to webinars and online workshops to gain personalized workplace experiences with professionals like you. View guest speakers at CMU. 

Professional Memberships

You will receive a membership with the Chartered Management Institute, U.K. in the first year of your study. Benefits of the membership is here

Gamified Learning

In this agile mindset digital business game, you will work in teams to explore and develop an agile mindset. This digital business simulation is set in a fictitious company dealing with the typical operational, strategic, and leadership challenges that many companies are facing today.

Virtual Reality Learning

Students visiting CMU global learning hubs can access Oculus VR headsets free for soft skills development training and workshops. Don't worry if you cannot travel to our learning hubs, VR learning at CMU is also accessible on PC and mobile. More information here