Beau Berman joins California Metropolitan University’s first graduation ceremony

CMU Administration
May 13, 2021
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Beau Berman, investigative reporter, and news anchor joined California Metropolitan
University’s first graduation ceremony. The university awarded Berman with the CMU Icon
for Journalism and Communications.

Berman started his professional career in 2008, as a reporter and anchor for KOSA-TV. He also
served as an adjunct professor of journalism at Quinnipiac University, while continuing his work
as a reporter and anchor for WTIC-TV.

Berman has built up an impressive resume during his time as a reporter. Most notably, Berman
was awarded an Emmy for his investigative report on the hidden dangers of soccer goals. All of
his investigative reports including his Emmy-winning one are available on his website.

He has also won a number of other award recognitions throughout his career, including from the
likes of the RTDNA Murrow Awards, Mid-Atlantic NATAS Emmy Awards, Mid-Atlantic NATAS
Emmy Award Nominations, and the New England NATAS Emmy Award Nominations. More
about his specific award recognitions is available here.

Aside from investigative reporting, you can find Berman working on several other things within
his field, including general assignment reports, anchoring, live shots, and sports reports.

During his speech at the California Metropolitan University Graduation Ceremony, Berman
discussed how persistence and perseverance have helped him throughout his journey. During
his career, a couple of his investigative reports were nominated for Emmys, but to no avail. He
didn’t let this keep him down, but rather kept working hard at what he loved.

Berman has now started his own podcast, called the RPRTR podcast. The podcast interviews
local news reporters to learn more about their strategies, experiences and trials. Berman’s goal
is for the podcast to be a source for stories from the front lines of local reporting.

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