Everything about California Metropolitan University (CMU)

We created this section for you to have first-hand and legally reliable information about exempt-status institutions like us and avoid misinformation by individuals or organizations not related to CMU. 
What does exempt-status institution mean?

An exempt-status institution is not required to receive authorization to operate in California, according to Article 4 of the California Education Code 94874.

More information about the law can be found here

Who verified the exempt-status of CMU?

The Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education (BPPE), State of California. The California Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education (BPPE) is a unit of the California Department of Consumer Affairs charged with regulating private postsecondary educational institutions operating in the state of California. Its primary purpose is to prevent fraudulent diploma mills.

The exemption letter for CMU can be read here

Is your institution legal?

Yes, and with the exemption from BPPE, we are operating within the provision of the law, California Education Code 94874 (b) (1). CMU is also registered in Paris, France as an independent-private higher learning institution for the benefit of members outside the US. 

Find out more here.

Are your programs open to anyone to study?

Our programs are exclusively offered and delivered to the membership of the sponsoring organization. Our sponsoring organization is TEFL International, State of Oregon, U.S.

Can I study at CMU if I am not a member of a sponsoring organization

Admission into all CMU programs is strictly and exclusively for the membership of TEFL International. 

If you are interested to know more about the membership at TEFL International, you may visit the nearest global chapter to your location.

Are you accredited in the U.S. ?

Not yet; we plan to apply for accreditation once we are eligible. Generally, US educational institutions are eligible to apply for accreditation after two years of operation. CMU was established in 2021. 

What are the educational benefits at CMU?

Learn more about your benefits here. Benefits may vary based on the course. 

Where are you based?

CMU was incorporated and established in California. Our registered primary location address is Spaces, 95 Third Street 2nd floor #9504, San Francisco, California, 94103

Do you have a campus in California?

CMU is located at Third Street, San Francisco. As a distance and blended program provider, we do not maintain a traditional campus, however, we have a administrative office for student support services and related. 

At the moment, we are operating entirely online. Most members are outside the US and traveling to the US to study can be difficult for many. With this mode of operations, we can keep the learning cost affordable and accessible to all the members. This will likely continue until the end of 2024.

Do you organize a graduation ceremony?

Yes and at the same time, we want to do things differently at CMU, besides the traditional convocation ceremony, we also organize member networking sessions in different major cities of the world.

During this session, you will have a chance to socialize and connect with professionals from various backgrounds and industries. Studying a professional program should benefit your professionally, so our mission is for you to build and grow your connections for personal and professional success. 

Members receive their program awards issued on blockchain technology. More information on why CMU chose this initiative can be found here 

Do you have support centers outside the U.S.?

Currently, our support centers are based in Greece and Malaysia. We plan to have a facility in Europe by end of 2023. We will keep you informed about the new developments. 

I am a member, how do I get started?

Know more about our admission requirements here and if you have questions or concerns, email learn@cmu.edu.eu

Is CMU award transferable to recognized higher education institutions?

We are currently in discussion with several accredited higher learning institutions for credit transfer from CMU award. Stay tuned for more updates. 

Does CMU offer student visas?

CMU does not currently offer student visas to study in the United States. CMU does issue invitations to graduates so that students may apply for a visa to attend their graduation.

When do I start my classes?

CMU online classes are asynchronous, meaning that students log in and complete work at any time of the day or night that suits their schedule. Meetings for hybrid online/on-ground classes are scheduled according to the convenience of the professor and students in the daytime, evening, or weekend hours.

How can I contact the facilitators?

All facilitators are regularly available via email. In addition, they may schedule individual and group meetings. Contact with students are made via email, phone, or video conference.