California Metropolitan University Joins the California Council for Adult Education

CMU Administration
January 10, 2023
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The University’s newest membership opens the door for new professional development conferences and networking geared specifically for continuing adult education.

California Metropolitan University (CMU) today announced that they have joined the California Council for Adult Education (CCAE) effective immediately. The membership provides CMU with additional professional development conferences and networking specifically designed for adult education.

“When we consider our membership with these organizations, we always look at how each organization will benefit our students or our staff,” CMU Founder and President Sailesraj Bala Murali said. “With the CCAE, their mission aligns perfectly with ours. We are both specifically geared toward adult education, more specifically, adult business education. It’s a natural fit for our two organizations to be aligned, and we cannot wait to see the benefits this brings to our students.”

As an Institutional Member of the CCAE, CMU joins over 70 adult schools, school districts, or institutions to join CCAE in 2022. Their membership provides access to resources for staff in the areas of professional development, advocacy, network enrichment, recognition, and additional perks through CCAE network partners and members. In addition, all CCAE Members receive complimentary membership to the Coalition on Adult Basic Education, a national adult education affiliate with a national focus.

CMU is listed as a CCAE member at https://www.ccaestate.org/institutional-membership1.html

Source: FOX28

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