Professional and trade organizations offer development and connections with others in the relevant field in bringing workplace trends and practices to fill the gap in academic learning. Having professional affiliations shows that we are committed to your professional development and actively participating in its advancement
Chartered Management Institute, U.K.
Founded in 1947 and received its royal charter in 2002. The Chartered Management Institute (CMI) is a professional institution for management based in the United Kingdom. CMU is a member partner with CMI, enabling our students to obtain CMI membership when they enroll at CMU. View CMU - CMI partnership letter
  • CMI’s online resource portal, Management Direct, which includes more than 20,000 pieces of curated management and leadership content .
  • CMI’s mentoring service connects you to a global network of senior managers and leaders.
  • CMI’s Career Development Centre provides numerous tools to help you launch or enhance your employability.
  • CMI events and webinars connect you with the latest tendencies in business and management.
  • CMI job search engine — returning jobs across every locale

Note: Subscribing to CMI  requires you to be a member of TEFL International and a full-time student at CMU. Subscription is free for the first year of your study and effective from the date of CMI membership. Students may choose to renew the membership on their own in the following year.

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