California Metropolitan University (CMU) has been approved as an educational member of the International Accreditation Council for Business Education (IACBE). With this membership, CMU adds to its reputation as it attempts to grow throughout the country and internationally. CMU is listed at https://iacbe.org/accreditation/member-status-information/

“Our goal is to be at the top tier of higher education. This membership is an assurance that we are one step ahead in executing this,” said Sailesraj Bala Murali, President of California Metropolitan University.

The IACBE has accredited over 2000 business and accounting programs worldwide, providing a benevolent environment for the members to evolve in high-quality advanced business programs. IACBE is recognized by the Council for Higher Education (CHEA) as a programmatic accrediting agency. Accreditation frames a set of standards for higher education that sustains reliance among the public and private sectors. It makes the credit transfer process easier. Primarily, accreditation is proof that guarantees candidates of the great value they will possibly gain when attending a school.

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The new technology offers CMU students the opportunity to participate in innovative learning to practice what they will do in the workplace before stepping into the real world.

California Metropolitan University (CMU) today announced the integration of virtual reality learning for soft skills training and development for their students. The practice-based learning program will provide students with autonomous real-life communication training in a fun and engaging fashion.

“Technology has been at the forefront of our school from the beginning, and this is the next step in utilizing the next phase of it to provide a more innovative learning experience for our students,” CMU Founder and President Sailesraj Bala Murali said. “This new tool at our disposal will enable our students to enhance their communication and other soft skills through virtual reality and give them feedback in real-time on real-world situations.”

Through virtual reality training, students can focus on personal development and transformation. Virtual reality learning drives engagement and retention through fun, immersive activities. The simulators provide students with active practice opportunities that reflect realistic workplace contexts, while the program provides feedback in real-time using automated behavioral data. Finally, since each experience is unique, teachers can use their students’ training in peer discussion and group learning.

CMU will begin to roll out virtual reality headsets in November 2023 at their learning hubs in Bangkok, Thailand, and Athens, Greece. Students visiting these global learning hubs for training and workshops will access the new VR soft skills technology. More information will be released on all communication channels.

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The University’s newest membership opens the door for new professional development conferences and networking geared specifically for continuing adult education.

California Metropolitan University (CMU) today announced that they have joined the California Council for Adult Education (CCAE) effective immediately. The membership provides CMU with additional professional development conferences and networking specifically designed for adult education.

“When we consider our membership with these organizations, we always look at how each organization will benefit our students or our staff,” CMU Founder and President Sailesraj Bala Murali said. “With the CCAE, their mission aligns perfectly with ours. We are both specifically geared toward adult education, more specifically, adult business education. It’s a natural fit for our two organizations to be aligned, and we cannot wait to see the benefits this brings to our students.”

As an Institutional Member of the CCAE, CMU joins over 70 adult schools, school districts, or institutions to join CCAE in 2022. Their membership provides access to resources for staff in the areas of professional development, advocacy, network enrichment, recognition, and additional perks through CCAE network partners and members. In addition, all CCAE Members receive complimentary membership to the Coalition on Adult Basic Education, a national adult education affiliate with a national focus.

CMU is listed as a CCAE member at https://www.ccaestate.org/institutional-membership1.html

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California Metropolitan University to Issue Awards on Blockchain Technology

CMU cites environmental and security benefits to the new credentialing procedure

California Metropolitan University (CMU) announced that all awards would use verifiable blockchain as a digital credential beginning June 2022. CMU is joining the initiative to utilize blockchain technology for their course completion documentation.

California Metropolitan University Co-Founder & Vice President, International Sailesraj Bala Murali said “By embracing blockchain technology, we can ensure that our awards will remain immutable and instantly verifiable from anywhere globally.”

CMU’s use of blockchain technology provides an additional benefit to its students. Awards issued on blockchain technology are easily verifiable by anyone clicking on a verification link or scanning a QR code. The technology allows those who have completed a course to access their records immediately. Secondly, the blockchain eliminates the need for paper products as paper files can be lost, destroyed, or stolen. In addition, the blockchain significantly decreases the ability to promote forged certificates as they are not verifiable in the same way as an original award. Lastly, digital credentials are shareable as often as the student needs to in all formats (social networks and professional settings). The authenticity of blockchain technology makes it a significant enhancement for students at CMU.

CMU offers its courses to the membership of TEFL International only. The classes are available online and are self-study, allowing students to learn at their own pace.

For more information visit: https://cmu.edu.eu/

For updates, visit: https://www.linkedin.com/school/cmuinternational

California Metropolitan University Announces Student-Focused Partnership with Chartered Management Institute, UK

CMU and CMI’s new partnership provides CMU students with leadership and management content through CMI.

California Metropolitan University (CMU) announced a new strategic, student-centered partnership with Chartered Management Institute (CMI), UK. The new collaboration provides IABP members at CMU with the opportunity to become CMI members, giving them access to different management skills, leadership development, and office productivity resources throughout their study at CMU.

“This partnership will provide another great resource for our learners at CMU to continue developing their management skills, enhancing their office productivity, and becoming better team players through teamwork,” CMU Co-Founder Silesraj Bala Murali said. “We are always looking for ways to add value for IABP members at CMU. CMI, UK is a great partner for us to work with who can provide tangible, real-world advantages.”

All full-time IABP members studying at CMU are eligible for a membership subscription to CMI. Subscription is effective for one year from their enrollment. CMI membership provides CMU students with access to CMI’s Management Direct, CMI’s online resource portal, which includes more than 20,000 pieces of management and leadership content, and CMI’s Career Development Centre, providing students with tools to help launch or enhance their job prospects. Membership also includes CMI’s events and webinars for continuous education on the trends in business and management, along with CMI’s job search engine.

CMI works with businesses and education to inspire people to become skilled, confident, and booming managers and leaders. Their thought leadership, research, and online resources provide practical insight for today’s learners and the next generation. They boast a membership of over 170,000, which they represent when speaking with policy members. 

View CMU – CMI collaboration letter

For more information on CMU – CMI collaboration, visit https://cmu.edu.eu/overview. For updates, visit: https://www.linkedin.com/school/cmuinternational

CMU (California Metropolitan University) hosts various industry experts in an effort to share their knowledge and experience at the University. The University is becoming well known for hosting prominent figures in various professional sectors. CMU conducts webinars that showcases the guest’s skill set and achievements.

One recent webinar event hosted Ryan Patel, board member of Drucker School of ManagementClaremont Graduate University, and news contributor for CNN, BBC, CNBC, and FOX Business. Ryan also received the U.S. Senate Certificate of Commendation and U.S. Special Congressional recognition.

Ryan has worked with, and consulted multinational corporations and organizations such as MastercardHewlett Packard (HP)World Economic ForumLondon School of EconomicsWharton Business School and NASDAQ. Ryan’s business expertise has helped the employees associated with these organizations excel at their jobs; and also enabled them to contribute to their companies in the most meaningful way.

During the 1 hour and a half webinar at CMU, Ryan spoke about various aspects of entrepreneurship such as maintaining a balance between quantity and quality, necessary skills to be developed by an entrepreneur, branding, finance, and the importance of social media for an entrepreneur.

This event was organized by California Metropolitan University, and sponsored by Origin Academy, Malaysia. The attendees were California Metropolitan University and California Trinity University students.

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Beau Berman, investigative reporter, and news anchor joined California Metropolitan
University’s first graduation ceremony. The university awarded Berman with the CMU Icon
for Journalism and Communications.

Berman started his professional career in 2008, as a reporter and anchor for KOSA-TV. He also
served as an adjunct professor of journalism at Quinnipiac University, while continuing his work
as a reporter and anchor for WTIC-TV.

Berman has built up an impressive resume during his time as a reporter. Most notably, Berman
was awarded an Emmy for his investigative report on the hidden dangers of soccer goals. All of
his investigative reports including his Emmy-winning one are available on his website.

He has also won a number of other award recognitions throughout his career, including from the
likes of the RTDNA Murrow Awards, Mid-Atlantic NATAS Emmy Awards, Mid-Atlantic NATAS
Emmy Award Nominations, and the New England NATAS Emmy Award Nominations. More
about his specific award recognitions is available here.

Aside from investigative reporting, you can find Berman working on several other things within
his field, including general assignment reports, anchoring, live shots, and sports reports.

During his speech at the California Metropolitan University Graduation Ceremony, Berman
discussed how persistence and perseverance have helped him throughout his journey. During
his career, a couple of his investigative reports were nominated for Emmys, but to no avail. He
didn’t let this keep him down, but rather kept working hard at what he loved.

Berman has now started his own podcast, called the RPRTR podcast. The podcast interviews
local news reporters to learn more about their strategies, experiences and trials. Berman’s goal
is for the podcast to be a source for stories from the front lines of local reporting.

Rick Sittig displays an inert ability to grow brands, and entice consumers through his expertise and award-winning marketing tactics. 

He has worked with the likes of Jack in the Box, Honda, and Princeton Racquet. Perhaps his most recognized career accomplishment is his fast-food commercial campaign with Jack in the Box. After proposing his idea to the company and producing his first advertisement for them, the campaign continued for 400 commercials, making it the longest fast food advertisement campaign.

Before Sittig earned his recognition with the “Jack” campaign, he started by offering advertising services to a small agency for free. Following this, he worked his way to a position as creative director at Della Femina, Travisano & Partners. During this time, he was a creative director for the Joe Isuzu campaign. The International Advertising Film Festival in 1987 awarded this campaign a first-prize Gold Lion, catapulting Sittig’s rise to prominence.

The recognition that Sittig garnered earned him a spot at Chait / Day, where he worked his way up the ladder to ultimately become an executive director. It was at this advertising agency where Sittig pitched his idea to Jack in the Box. When the contract between Jack in the Box and Chait / Day expired, Sittig created his marketing agency under the name Secret Weapon Marketing.

With his new advertising company, Sittig continued to work with Jack in the Box for the following 15 years. Secret Weapon Marketing expanded its portfolio, working with the likes of well-respected companies such as Activision, IKEA, and Uber.

The California Metropolitan University had the pleasure of organizing a live webinar featuring Rick Sittig. During the live webinar, Sittig discussed some of his experience in marketing and went over specific advertisements he has created for brands. Students then had the opportunity to ask Sittig questions directly. The webinar was open to several universities, including California State University Long Beach, Mt San Antonio College, California Trinity University, and Humphrey’s University

Webinars help universities enrich the student experience, providing them with an engaging experience with experts in different areas of studies. Students can access webinars on a variety of devices, resulting in a wider reach and added convenience for those who want to access events from anywhere.

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Dr. Raphael Nagel received the degree in recognition of his contribution to economic diplomacy in the Middle East.

The Dubai-based Jewish businessman has worked to unite business leaders across the region in the wake of the historic Abraham Accords, announced in August. “Economic diplomacy is a vital part of peace-building, and as a Jew in the Middle East, I feel I have a critical responsibility to be a part of the historic period we are living in,” he said. “We are in a time many of us thought we might never see, so I am truly honored to be recognized for my contribution.” Since the signing of the accords, agreements worth billions of dollars have been signed between countries such as the UAE and Israel. The accords have also led to the normalization of relations between Israel and Bahrain, Morocco, and Sudan. 

“There is so much potential for the region since these accords,” said Dr. Nagel. “We face many of the same challenges and share many traits, and not least between Israel and the UAE, there are some great synergies not only economically but in the wider sphere of humanity.”

In a letter from the university’s president, Roy Virgen Jr, to Dr. Nagel, he said: “Your advocacy in stimulating business across the region is making a remarkable footprint for the rest of the business organizations to follow.” 

Dr. Nagel has been invited to join the university’s team of international faculty and industrial leaders in what the university said, “will bring positive changes and development for the benefit of all.”

Source: The Jerusalem Post, EuropaPress, MarketWatch, ElCorreo