Practice-based learning for Personal Transformation

To face challenges ahead in your current or future jobs, relevant skills and knowledge of tools applied at the workplace is highly critical. The challenge of bringing together learners from around the globe is solved with the help of virtual reality technology. 

The world is changing and innovating constantly, and thanks to virtual reality, our students can experience the workplace realm to practice and develop the required skills before getting into the real world.
Technology in professional learning
Traditional e-learning is becoming redundant without the immersive experience of real-life situations. Your learning journey is memorable and impactful for workplace growth from anywhere with the help of technology
Making innovation accessible
The cost of education should focus on the tools that can contribute for growth in all aspects of life. We provide opportunity for professionals to learn using accessible technology in their learning journey
"Turning theories into reality with VR 
helps emerging professionals to excel at work and contribute meaningfully"
Improved motivation
VR drives engagement through immersion
Improved learning experience
Confidence to apply skills compare to traditional methods
Experienced learning
Practice realistic scenarios related to workplace
Improve self-awareness
Self-reflection & behavioral data for actionable feedback
Stimulating active learning
Helps to understand complex situations at workplace
Students visiting CMU global learning hubs can access Oculus VR headsets free for soft skills development training and workshops.
Currently available in Bangkok & Athens
VR learning at CMU is accessible on

VR Soft Skills Training at CMU

Job Interview Simulator
Public Speaking
Workplace Communication
Customer Experience
"Immersive experience at CMU is not only about the technology; it’s about equipping the learners with real-world skills for problem-solving with the help of technology." 

Sailesraj Bala Murali, Founder & President